Creating a caring and dynamic relationship with my clients is the heart of my business.  Our sessions will be easy, relaxed, and fun.  The resulting images in your gallery shine with the love and connection of your family, only visible when you're truly comfortable and able to be yourself.  We move quickly past forced smiles, and even husbands look natural.

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I'm so grateful for your interest!  I am currently not booking brand-new clients so I can focus on my current amj families, my own family, and professional growth.  Click over to my facebook page where I will share my work and periodically post model calls!

{Grow So Fast Collection}  ::  $2000  ::  

This collection begins at pregnancy and takes your family all the way through the first year.  It includes the following sessions:




3, 6, and 9 month Milestone Mini sessions

12 Month Mini + Cake Smash

Full family session**

The value of this collection is over $2300, which makes it not only the most comprehensive choice, but also the most economical.

Read on to learn what to expect at each session.  Click the session name to view the corresponding gallery.

Don't see what you need?  You know I'll do anything for you.  Just ask.

{Pregnancy}  ::  $200

This session can take place on location, in your home, or in my Brownsburg home in case of inclement weather.  We include family as desired, and focus on the beauty of the mother and love of that babybelly.

Included: 15+ digital images and $25 print credit

{Birth}  ::  $1000

Your experience is incredibly unique and precious; you will never duplicate this birth.  Throughout the event, you'll see it through your own heart-lens.  I have the beautiful opportunity to show you what is happening around you as you do the hard work of bringing new life into the world.  I capture the support from your birth team, the overwhelming emotions of those who love you, the pure power that you possess, the treasured moments of calm within the storm, that first breath earthside, the deep emotions that you'll feel and remember, and the precious details that will help stitch together your memories.  The images will bring that all back to you, years from now.

I have experience in hospitals and homes, bed and water births.  I meet with midwives beforehand so I can be part of the birth plan, or you'll tell your doctor that you want me to be there.  We will have a conversation well beforehand so I can be aware of your expectations.

When you book your birth session, I remain on call around your due date.  When you know "it's time" (usually at 7cm), give me a call, and I'll be there throughout the experience, from the roars of transition all the way through the newborn exam and first feeding.

Included: 200+ digital images and $25 print credit

{Newborn}  ::  $300

A posed newborn session will take place in my Brownsburg home studio, or a lifestyle session can take place in your home for an additional $200.  Sessions are entirely baby-centered.  I have a collection of vintage and handmade headbands, outfits, and props, but only to draw attention to the beauty of your precious new love.  We include immediate family at the beginning of the session so you can relax and enjoy the rest of our time together while I snuggle your baby into unforced, natural poses.

Included: 30+ digital images and $25 print credit

{Milestone Minis}  ::  $150 each

These sessions can take place on location or in my Brownsburg home studio.  We typically meet at 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months, and I think of them as playdates with a camera where I get to love on your growing babe and capture some genuine smiles.

Included: 15+ digital images and $25 print credit

{12 Month Mini + Cake Smash}  ::  $200

It's the perfect way to celebrate your one-year old!  These sessions will take place on location or in my Brownsburg home studio in case of inclement weather.  Choose your banner/theme, and it will be paired with a delicious "naked" smash cake that your kiddo will love digging into!  We shoot a mini session before the smash and a bubble bath session (inside or outside as weather permits) afterward.  

Included: 30+ digital images and $25 print credit

{Family session}  ::  $300

Your family pictures should show so much more than what you look like.  Images from our 1-hour session will celebrate your family's energy, your unique relationships, and the true personalities of every person.  You can expect a fun experience that puts everyone at ease from the beginning, resulting in natural expressions and images that look alive!  Your gallery will include both portrait-style and candid images that will remind you for years of how much fun your family has together.  Often, our sessions take place at Eagle Creek Park, but let's talk about hanging out at your family's favorite place!

**With a Grow So Fast Collection, this family session will take place during the best-weather Milestone Mini Session

Included: 50+ digital images and $25 print credit

Cake smash bubble bath
As A Mother session
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